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Our values

A skirt adapted to the adventures of your life

Singular, irresistible and assertive, that’s what the Jupons de Louison wish for you! What if you had this freedom as soon as you wore a skirt?

Together, we create a more beautiful fashion! Confidential collections that are designed by listening to your desires. 🇫🇷

French fabrics and clothing! A know-how to which Les Jupons de Louison is committed!

Adjustable skirt leg length

Each one of us is unique! Our goal is to offer you skirts that are ideally adjusted to the length of your legs and to your body shape!

Because the made in France must not remain a luxury, all our prices are calculated to be as affordable as possible.

The path of our skirts

  • The fabrics come from suppliers based in Lyon, the main ones being Belinac France and Deveaux.
  • Some fabrics are made from recycled fibres.
  • We also offer a second life to some fabrics that were initially intended to be discarded and are recovered to make skirts.
  • Part of the production is done by a workshop near La Rochelle.
  • The remainder is made by independent seamstresses in Paris and Tours.
  • Clothing, skirt and dress made in France.
Vêtements, jupe et robe fabriqués en France

Who is hiding behind Les Jupons de Louison?

Here is a quick portrait of Marine Monloubou, creator of Les Jupons de Louison

Could you introduce yourself quickly?

Hello everyone, my name is Marine, I am 28 years old and I am the creator of Les Jupons de Louison.

Why Les Jupons de Louison?

Les Jupons de Louison were born from a desire to create my own universe, a passion for skirts and above all a personal problem! I’m short (1m60) so finding skirts that match my size is not easy! I am passionate about skirts but also about classical dance! A world, an art, a discipline, an art of living. A passion that lives through Louison!

What does the skirt mean to you?

For me, the skirt is the garment that symbolizes energy, elegance, freedom and sometimes impertinence.

What is the concept?

Create skirts that will be adapted to the length of your legs and offer a wardrobe inspired by our emotions and life adventures so that each of us can wear a half-size skirt that enhances our uniqueness and supports our personality.

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